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Wecome! I design and fabricate all my work by hand from sheet metal and wire. Born, raised and educated as a fine artist in Dublin, Ireland and endowed with a love of all things sparkly from a young age by both my mother and grandmother, jewelry became a natural extension of a curiosity with the natural world, color and form.

​Things I find beautiful- pearls, gemstones, pure metals- things of the earth and ocean, combined with love, skill and a wish that you may enjoy them

My goal as a jewelry designer is to design and create the finest quality works of timeless, classic and affordable jewelry with an edge that makes each piece special and unique. 

I maintain a studio space at the wonderful Joy Street artists building, 86 Joy St. in Somerville. Appointments are available- please email me at befabulous@jewelsfabulous.com to arrange a time that works for you or go to the Upcoming Events page to find me at my next show!

  • Exhibitor at: Cambridge Open Studios, Somerville Open Studios, Joy Street Open Studios, Jamaica Plain Open Studios, Newton Open Studios, Roslindale Open Studios and Motherbrook (Dedham) Open Studios along with many other local shows and venues.

"What we identify as craft has been around since the beginning of civilization, and it is alive and well today. I think there is a basic human instinct to work with one's hands and to create...on the receiving end, as our word becomes more commercial, look-alike and de-humanized, we seek more individual objects. I believe that quality, handmade objects that have something personal about them will be in even greater demand in the future."
Paul J. Smith, Director Emeritus of the American Craft Museum- Metalsmith magazine, Vol. 27, number 5